Tendayi Jembere aka TJ, Tee J is a British actor who is best known for his part in the television show Kerching! 2003 where he played the character of Seymour Franklin who was the best friend of Taj Lewis who was the lead character.

Kerching Edit

Fourteen-year-old Taj Lewis is a bright lad hoping to make his family a million pounds, and to this end has launched a website under the name 'rude boy'. His family and pals are (as described in the credit sequence) Seymour and Danny, his best friends; Missy, his big sister; Kareesha, her best friend; Ricardo, Taj's rival; and Tasmin, Ricardo's girlfriend.

Completing the main line-up are Taj's little brother Omar and their single mum, who works as a nurse. (Taj's father has died.) Missy and Kareesha work in the Chill Out Grill where Taj and his friends hang out and hatch their get-rich-quick schemes, some of which actually work.

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