Series 3
Kerching show
Original Run Unknown
Num of episodes 12
series: 1, 2, 3, 4

Series 3 refers to the third series of CBBC's television comedy sitcom Kerching!.

Summary Edit

At the beginning of this series Alex and Taj fake a split because they are fed up with being left out all the time. Omar starts secondary school and, to start with at least, finds it very big and a bit scary. Now that Ricardo Murray and his Dad have left the area there is a new guy on the block and he has taken over Ricardo's dad's music shop.

Michael Carter starts talent scouting for his business, Dudeboy. He finds a young girl named Stacey Martin. He loves her voice and talents, but isn't much keen on her boyfriend, fishing-fanatic Robbie. Ricardo wins a 'search for a band contest' and becomes a member of '20-20' a new boy group. He is in a sticky situation when he is dropped from the band and his mum wants him to live with her in Italy but his dad wants him to live with him in Manchester.

In the second to last episode in this series Taj, Danny and Seymour look back on all the fun, sadness and frustrating times they spent together after Taj reveals he is ending RudeBoy. But, Taj has an idea whilst at the Chill Out Grill thanks to Danny's hand-made junior partner cards he made. The last episode shows that his great idea was to make designer RudeBoy clothes and earn the 1 million pounds he has waited for! Missy flies back from L.A when she hears Taj is presenting their mum with the 1 million pound cheque but not all goes to plan. Danny and Seymour find out about Alex and Taj not really splitting up and Danny gets mad with Taj though they make up later. Everything is looking down but bright spirits are held when Taj realises he hasn't done quite enough. He decides Rudeboy will be going global and the series ends with one last KERCHING!

Episode list Edit

  1. Moving On Up
  2. Two's a Crowd
  3. Some Like it Hot... Not
  4. Don't go Changing
  5. Election Fever
  6. Losing it
  7. Holding the Baby
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Twas the Summer before Christmas
  10. Do the Right Thing
  11. Back to the Start
  12. Making it