Series 2
Kerching show
Original Run Unknown
Num of episodes Unknown
series: 1, 2, 3, 4

Series 2 refers to the second series of CBBC's comedy series Kerching!.

Summary Edit

Tamsin has moved away and Taj is absolutely devastated until he sees Alex who is very independent and prefers to do everything on her own. Alex always has different hairstyles with different colours in her hair.

Both Ricardo and Taj want Alex to be their girlfriend. She says no to Ricardo straight away but she knows she likes Taj. At the end of the series when Taj and Alex are getting on really well she finds out about Taj being Rudeboy before he tells her and so she finishes their relationship. And the end of this series we see her talking to a dog about her situation, and in the end she decides to give it one more shot with Taj after the dog agrees she should.

Episode list Edit

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