Series 1
Kerching show
Original Run 6 January 2003 - Unknown
Num of episodes Unknown
series: 1, 2, 3, 4

Series 1 refers to the very first series of the CBBC comedy Television Sitcom, Kerching! which started broadcasting on 6 January 2003.

Summary Edit

Taj Lewis owns Rudeboy, a website he created to make £1,000,000 for his widowed mother. Danny loves Kareesha and is always trying to ask her out but she is not interested in him at all. Seymor is Taj's smarter friend and loves cooking, his idol is Ainsley Harriot.

Taj's rival is Ricardo Murray. Ricardo's girlfriend is Tamsin. Taj has a big crush on Tamsin and he wants Tamsin to be his girlfriend but never quite manages to ask her out. Missy is Taj's older sister and she works at the Chill out Grill with Kareesha ("Sha") Lopez, her friend.

Their lives revolve around boyfriends and shopping and they come to work mainly to have a good chat. Taj's little brother Omar is usually seen getting up to mischief with his young, sheeky attitude. Their boss is Carlton (who is never seen as you can only hear his voice from the intercom speaker). Carlton is very tight with money and often complains that Missy and Kareesha don't work hard enough at the Chill. Ricardo's Dad (Mr. Mike Murray, who is never seen) runs the Record Shop (Murray's Hip City). When it looks like the Chill will be sold, Rudeboy buys a half share in it so that Carlton can carry on running it.

Episode list Edit

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