Kerching Danny Spooner

Danny Spooner (Jamie Sweeney) is one of the main characters of Kerching! who appears in most episodes. Danny is best friends with Taj Lewis and Seymour Franklin.

Danny is a lonely character of very little words but when he does speak it is usually "I don't know?" "ummm?" or just mumblings. Danny is well known for never answering any questions , instead he would turn the answer into another question He is often seen in the background of most scenes grinning wildly. He is the least clever of the three and it seems that sometimes he is quite unsure of his surroundings.

However, Danny occasionally appears to be the most down-to-earth and least fashion-conscious of the group, for example, on one occasion, Taj attempts to make a large profit by selling "Buster Grimes" designer trainers on his website, and criticises Danny for instead selling generic trainers from his father's market stall, Danny is the only one who appears to be able to recognise that the two brands of plain white trainer are identical.

Dannys favourite pastimes are going to the vending machine , fiddling with things and trying to stay out of everyones way. He has a crush on Kareesha Lopez, which annoys her greatly but it is occasionally revelaed she has a soft spot for him. His pet name for her is 'Kareesha-sha-sha'.